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14’ x 48’ Mechanical Scrolling Billboard

An Innovative, Mechanical Scrolling Billboard to Triple Revenue & Profit.


Runs up to 12 ads.

Ads Quickly Scroll in 1 Second.

Triple revenue & profit

Significantly increase revenue and profit 96% of the market which is static.

Cost effective

Low Tooling and Manufacturing Cost. It is 40% the cost of an LED Billboard & uses 1/10th of the electricity.

Clound Connected

Cloud Connected for Quick Information of Ads Posted.

Includes Camera Viewing of Ads.

add, remove or move an ad

Takes 2 men only 10 to 15 minutes to change ads


14’ x 48’  in a weatherproof, steel enclosure with non-glare Acrylic front with vertical steel rods that disappear at ~ 150’. 

withstands all weather conditions

Handles I00 MPH winds with parts intact; handles rain, ice, snow, hail, sleet, sand, etc.


20 + years.

Long Life Design, Low Maintenance, Quality Tested

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